problems with translation and email notifications

Hi Tribulant Team,

I bought 2 days ago Newsletter plugin and it seems to be a great extension, but I have some problems with it and did'nt find answer for this:

1) When a user suscribe and active his account, the successful activation mail is not sent

2) When user unsuscribe, the unsuscribe confirmation mail is not sent

3) when user unsuscribe, the notification mail for this unsuscription is not sent to admin

I specify that in the setup menu, I activated all these possibilities

4) When a french user click on confirmation link in the email he received, the text "susbscription has been activated" stays in english instead of french, even if I translated it in .po/.mo file

5) When a french user is on his management page and logout, the logout page is all in english and appears to be a part of the english part of the website. How can I do to have french users directed to a french page after logging out?

I thank you by advance for helping :-)

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