Some posts not displaying right but most of the time they are fine (see example):

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Hey folks,

Could you help us out here?

Issue #1:

Some posts not displaying right but most of the time they are fine (see example):

But most of the time the turn out like this (which is fine and ok):

The top one (like the others) always follow the same creation process. We simply clone a new post from a similar post we desire. As you can see here most are fine. This happens every once in a while.

(then click any to see others).

Issue #2:

On here again many images do this (not all be some):

Here is a annotated screenshot explaining more on this issue #2:




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    There is also something not working right here:

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    Update . . . 

    Hey folks....just touching base on this. I think we fixed the 2nd post about but the small white outline needs to disappear so we do not have to worry about it (or make it to where it lines up with any and all images . . . some do it and some do not. I think just removing that white outline in all posts may be the best.

    But, please look at all of the 1st post (as it is still applicable). Thanks! 


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    Hello @bird

    I went through your website, the mentioned outline can be removed with the following CSS code:

    body .slideshow-fullsize { border:0 !important; }

    Regarding your posts, that issue doesn`t seem to be related to the slideshow gallery plugin, will you please deactivate it to see if it helps?

    I`d also suggest that you temporarily enable the Twenty Fifteen theme to see if it solves the problem.

    We will look forward to your response.

    All the best!

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    body .slideshow-fullsize { border:0 !important; } 

    worked good (I will look at the other items)...

    Thank you!

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