Product display random

Why is it that every time the page is refreshed, the products pull a switcharoonie?  How/where do you manage the product display order?

Thanks in advance.


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    I'm not a support person, just a user...

    In the Configuration->Products & Images->Products Loop/Paging section there is an option to order by date (date product was modified) or by price or by title. Also in the Products section you can choose to place specific products at the front of the list by choosing 'Order Products' on the products page.
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    I have noticed that even after you set the order of products the order will change and appear random.   I discovered that when ever you manually edit a product it resets the order and the category description back to the default.   I opened a ticket for this and it is apparently being addressed in an upcoming release. 
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    Fantastic - I noticed that everything switches around regardless of settings or modification so I'm glad to see that will be addressed.  Thanks!
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