"Add New" (under Manage Slides) will not save and show error (see screenshots)

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Hi folks,

This is what we are doing. We can not save slides. Please advise.

Slideshows, for example, are use here http://bit.ly/1fXTQMu (click into anycategory).

Here are screenshots:


I just cleared the cache, etc. and it still giving me the error. Here are

the steps I am taking

1. open wordpress and navigate to dash

2. open tabs: gallery, slides, and posts

3. create new gallry with item number (e.g. P1111) and save

4. navigate to slides tab and add new

5. title new slide with inventory number, add item description, click the

corresponding gallery number from list below, add corresponding photo, save

ERROR - once I hit save, it takes me to the error page I sent.

I have no issues creating and saving galleries or even linking posts to

said gallery, just the item 'slide' does not save or show.


One of the screenshots we are trying a temporary workaround (but not sure it that will fulfill our needs and really just need to fix it back so slides will save normally.

See attached.

Thanks a lot . . . 



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