Analytics extension for Newsletter plugin


We have installed Analytics extension for Newsletter plugin.

With this, we can analyse Newsletters visits on Analytics campaigns.

But all posts links have the same analytics parameters and we can not analyse this visits where came from.

We need to analyse the effectivity of different posts on one Newsletter.

This is an example Analytic URL build:

To identify all post click inside a Newsletter the only change is to set on "utm_source" current post title.

How can we do this?

It's possible to say to extension developers to do this simple change?

Thanks a lot!

And sorry... my English is very poor ;)


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    I will assist you with this, thank you for your post.

    Yes, at the moment the campaign, source, etc. parameters are added the same to all links in the newsletter, disregarding the post, etc.

    I'm going to add this to the development list of the Google Analytics extension plugin for our Newsletter plugin so that we can make the improvement for it. That way you'll be able to track individual posts in newsletters as needed.

    In the meanwhile, can you filter by URL in Google Analtyics to get the desired effect?

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    Thanks @tribulant!

    It is a very good new!

    I am not sure if I can filter by URL in Analytics... perhaps...

    But the right way is to identify them directly ;)

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    You're welcome I'm glad that I could assist you with this.

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