Individual item not posting right in slideshow gallery

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I am having trouble with a post under bibliotheques, item number N12059 and S02183 (sometimes it does this . . . how can we avoid too and fix), which is showing kind of funny. I have tried to make new galleries, new slides and a new post but it doesn't seem to be working. Any clues? See attached image.

This is when not logged in (e.g. how it looks on website to

casual visitor)



Please let us know . . .


P.S. What are some common issues that cause this as well you have found?


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    How did you add this slideshow to the page? With a shortcode from a slide or shortcode to show post images etc? 

    Can you view the text of the page in your TinyMCE editor to see if there's any code that does not belong on that page?

    If you need me to login and have a look at it, can you please give me access with login details previous provided? 



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    also....not sure if this is related to this issue, but our server error logs detected this recently if that helps a bit:

    .../plugins/slideshow-gallery/views/default/js/colorbox.js (file does not exist). We have the latest update from several days ago too fyi. and on WP 4.4

    Let me know when you are able . . . 


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    I just got this from the one who uploads slides and galleries on a daily basis and wanted to relay to you:

    " I just uploaded more decorative accessories and noticed that three of the items I had uploaded which had more than 1 image wont let me scroll through(similar to the issue with new arrivals). Just FYI in case that helps with the tickets you put in with the plug in creator!"

    ****I told them it is likely because of some Slideshow compatibility issues with the new WordPress 4.4 core update (as there seems to be multiple issue going on and this is the only explaination I have why a good bit of the plugin components seem to be broken). Are you guys officially working on getting the Slideshow plugin to be compatible 100% with WordPress 4.4? Please let me know soon . . . 

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