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I'm working with Groups and Groups Restrict Categories which normally allows restricted access even to custom post types.

How can I manage to restrict access to certain categories when displaying newsletters on the archive page. Now newsletters of all types are displayed, even those that should be restricted to internal logged in users.


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    Thank you for your post.

    Are your newsletters currently public and you want to hide them?

    There is a setting for this under Newsletters > Configuration > System but we found a problem with this in the latest release and have fixed it in our latest development build which is due for release soon.

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    I have different groups of people which can see posts according to their group assignments when they are logged in.

    Groups works with several third party plugins out of the box, i.e. bbpress -,

    ee4 -,

    download manager -,

    normal posts

    When creating a post or custom post type, I find a meta box on the right side on the admin page, where I can manage group assignment (see images). This does not appear when creating a newsletter.

    Some newsletters should be public, some only visible for group x and others only for group y.

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    Thank you for the information.

    So you mainly use the Groups plugin that you mentioned in your first post.

    If we put that groups box on the create newsletter page, making the newsletter public custom post type available only to the user group(s) as specified, will that work for you?

    As for the sending of the newsletter itself, I assume it does not relate to that, right?

    I look forward to your response.

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    Right. It does not relate to the newsletter sending. It is only that I can manage which newsletters will be visible depending on who is logged in and their appropriate group assignment when going to as specified in Newsletters > Configuration > System > WordPress Related

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