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I am having some trouble with tracking reads. I have the [wpmltrack] shortcode inserted in my footer but I am seeing 0 reads. I am just in testing mode now so I am only sending to a handful of my own email addresses (gmail, yahoo, hotmail), which may cause problems I suspect if they are blocking any tracking image. What I would like to know is what code exactly should I look for in my original source for the email to verify that the shortcode is being implemented correctly? Where I think it should be in my footer I don't see any kind of wpml-specific HTML so I suspect maybe it isn't getting added correctly.


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    Thank you for your post.

    Please check the following things:

    • Ensure that you have read tracking turned on under Newsletters > Configuration > General > General Mail Settings

    • Check that you have the [wpmltrack] shortcode in the newsletter template or content of the newsletter.

    • Make sure that the email/webmail client is loading images in order to track reads/opens.

    Also I would recommend that you put [wpmltrack] at the top of the newsletter, just after the opening BODY tag. Not in the footer because in some email/webmail clients, the subscriber/reader has to scroll and read all the way down to the bottom in order to track the read/open.

    I look forward to your response once you've checked those.

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    Thanks. and that is a good tip to add it to the top. I did have a code error on my end that was causing the problem combined with the fact that, if I am not mistaken, you do not process the shortcut when sending preview emails. I am still investigating various things, but it seems to read fine for my Yahoo test email but not Gmail or Hotmail. I believe Gmail shows their own copy of images rather than the original so I presume that is the issue, but if you know more about how well read tracking works for the major service providers, I would be very interested to read more about it.

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    Great, glad to hear that you managed with it.

    Gmail may hide images initially unless you tell it to show images.

    Unfortunately that can cause the read/open tracking in a newsletter not to log.

    This is a common problem but we cannot control that part since it is the email/webmail client that tries to protect it's users.

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