[Solved] Cant enable snow on any pages

edited December 2015 in Snow Storm plugin

Hi, I have installed latest plugin but the settings page will not let me enter details for which pages to show snow on. When settings page loads there is evidence of a slider, i presume to give a list of pages, however this disappears and i am unable to eter anything in box

Any thoughts?


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    Thank you for your post.

    Unfortunately there was a problem with the Snow Storm plugin's post/page search/select feature.

    We released version 1.4.2 to resolve the problem.

    Please update the plugin to fix it.

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    "unfortuntaely" I have just updated my Wordpress to 4.4 and installed 1.4.2 - same issue. Have deactivated and reactivated same issue.


    SNOW Plugins I did have working have deleted these as same were not "tested with my version of Wordpess" so looked for 4.4 tested..

    running 1.4.2 and Wordpress 4.4

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    There was definitely a problem which we fixed in the Snow Storm plugin.

    Can you clear your browser cache and try again under Settings > Snow Storm?

    I believe the new JS/CSS just needs to load fresh.

    I look forward to your response.

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