Link tracking bug?

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I am using the Google Analytics plugin and everything is fine but I noticed that if you do not actually set up the GA fields, all the internal links in the newsletter are wrong (i.e., do not link to the source intended). Once you set the GA fields, all the links are set appropriately. I presume this is a bug?



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    As an update, I deactivated the GA extension and the links still don't work. And, thinking about it, with GA extenstion installed, I don't get the?wpmllink=... in my links but rather plain links with the utm etc so actually that is not working as I previously wrote (no actual tracing, though at least the links go where they are supposed to). Perhaps I have some kind of configuration issue? Any ideas?

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    Another update (sorry for being confusing, I would like to delete/edit earlier posts but cannot):

    The links not working was definitely my mistake. I had a bad regex in some redirects.

    Now, the issue that remains is that without using the GA extension I get wpmllink links that do track link clicks but with GA I just get plain links with GA parameters. Is this actually the way it is supposed to work or should there be wpmllinks that redirect to the original link with GA paremeters, thus tracking clicks?

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    Any response? Should I open a ticket instead?

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