Multiple identical newsletter created when Creating Newsletter

edited December 2015 in Newsletter plugin

Every time I create a new newsletter, there are between 2 and 6 identical ones created and I have to go back and delete all the duplicate ones.  I cannot figure out what it is I am doing that might cause this.  My process is as follows:

  1. Login to wp-admin

  2. Create Newsletter

  3. Paste in my text and create a link to a page on another site

  4. Add a picture by pressing on the Add Media button.

  5. Choose my options such as mailing list create post etc.

  6. Press the save draft button

  7. Return to overview page 

Once I return to overview, I always see several copies of my newsletter and I have to delete the duplicates.



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    Thank you for your post and sorry for the delay.

    I will assist you to resolve this asap.

    Which version of our Newsletter plugin for WordPress are you using?

    Are you using the latest version?

    We've seen this before with debugging or PHP error_reporting turned on breaking the Ajax request in the admin dashboard, thus the newsletter cannot keep track of it's own draft being saved. Is debugging possibly on in your wp-config.php file or on under Newsletters > Configuration on the right-hand side? If it is, can you please turn it off and see if that resolves the problem?

    I look forward to your response.

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