[Solved] Auto-hide thumbnails if there is only one

Is there a way to auto-hide the thumbnails when there is only a single image in the gallery? I use a gallery plugin to display images attatched to a given post, but some posts have only a single image. They display fine, but the single thumbnail above them looks untidy. Customizing the shortcode on each post isn't an option because I have about 15,000 of them. 

Idealy this would be the default behavior, but if there was a way tweak the plugin to make it happen that would be great.



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    Thank you for your post.

    This is a great suggestion, thank you.

    We have added it to our development list of the Slideshow Gallery plugin.

    This will be available in a future release of the plugin shortly.

    Thanks again!

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    We have made this improvement to our Slideshow Gallery plugin.

    To auto hide thumbnails bar if there is only one slide.

    We will release an update soon with several fixes and improvements included.

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