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Hello everyone,

My Newsletter was working fine, but lately any scheduled task are not being executed correctly and the latest post update emails are not being sent. I have checked that the wp cron is running, but may be with some errors in it.

Is there a way so we can run a cron separetly only for the cron. I belive there were method in earlier versions.



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    When clicking the run now button in the latest post subscription, do you get any error message with debugging turned on (Newsletters>Configuration)? 

    I replied to your support ticket to give me WordPress login details and a link to your site to investigate your issue?



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    Are the tasks not run at all or are they run late?

    We saw some users where the cron is being run late due to a timezone issue.

    I look forward to your response and also to Marietha's question above on whether you get an error of any sort when you click "Run Now" for a latest posts subscription to run it manually.

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    Regarding your question on separate cron jobs...

    The Newsletter plugin has multiple cron jobs that it logs in WordPress. You can see the individual scheduled tasks under Newsletters > Configuration > Scheduled Tasks (tab). They will all run through the WordPress cron.

    Do you have traffic on your site that will allow the WordPress scheduled tasks to run as scheduled?

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