[Solved] How do I import a checkbox custom field via .CSV?

Hi again :D

I was wondering how can I import values inside a checkbox custom field via a .csv file.

I'll explain myself: I have a .csv file with subscribers from another site (on which there wasn't your Newsletter plugin, not being a Wordpress site), in which there are values for a custom field identical to the field I created on your plugin, for my new mailing lists.

The problem is, I can import all other values to my mailing list, except for this custom field. I selected the right column, I edited my csv file to be exactly like a Newsletter export file for third party software, but I can't get the custom field values to be imported correctly, or be imported at all.

Can someone help me on this matter? I don't want to lose those values.

-Francesco Seu


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    Before doing the import process, have you created the custom field under Newsletter>Custom Fields?

    And then when importing map the column with your custom field in the import settings?

    Is it not working?



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    More details on the technical aspect of this...

    First, you'll create a checkbox custom field under Newsletters > Custom Fields.

    Say you create a field with options Checkbox 1, Checkbox 2, Checkbox 3.

    Now in your CSV, you have a column holding the value of the subscriber's selection for this checkbox custom field.

    So you can have the value "Checkbox 1" in that column.

    If a subscriber has multiple checkboxes on the field, comma (,) separate them. eg. "Checkbox 1,Checkbox 2"

    Let me know if this helps and if it works as expected.

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    Yes, I've created the corresponding custom fields, with the same checkbox choices which were in my previous site, and I've associated this custom field with all of my mailing lists. I've formatted the CSV just like you suggested ("Checkbox1,Checkbox2") and I've also mapped the corresponding column in my CSV every single time I've tried to import my old contacts, but I can't import them correctly. When I'm checking the newly imported subscribers, the custom field either doesn't appear at all, or if it appears, the value inside is "none".

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    edited January 2016

    Update: I tried creating three fake subscribers with three email addresses of mine in a test mailing list, each one with different selected checkboxes, then I exported them with the Newsletters wizard (I selected the "3rd party software" option), then deleting them and trying to add them back using the same CSV I created.

    All of them have "none" in place of the expected custom field values.

    I'm now trying to do the same thing, but with a test custom field ("Checkbox 1, Checkbox 2, just like @tribulant suggested), let's see what happens...

    EDIT: "none" value again. I really don't know what to do.

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    edited January 2016

    Update #2: I can't even import them back correctly after exporting them with the "Newsletter Plugin" format option (i still get "none")!

    Additional Info: I don't know if this could be useful info, but I'm using the Newsletters build you sent me to solve the bug which didn't let me save dropdown custom fields

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    Thank you for the updates.

    We are currently testing your cases here on our side and will post back here shortly to see if there is a problem.

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    I'm sorry for the delay in getting back to you on this.

    We have fixed the issue with the importing of checkbox, select and radio custom fields in the Newsletter plugin. In some cases, the bug was also related to multilingual/languages as well.

    We will release an update shortly with this fix included.

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    Was this ever fixed? I am unable to import custom fields at all... Even with an export from Newsletters all the custom fields are blank on import.

    How can I import custom fields?
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    It appears to be importing information for the custom fields, but not correctly. When I export a subscriber created within the Newsletters, and then import it, it does not SHOW that the custom fields are imported (when viewing via subscribers)... but when I export again there IS data there... but it has been changed.

    If I import this: a:2:{i:0;s:2:"10";i:1;s:2:"11";}
    It seems to become this: s:32:"a:2:{i:0;s:2:"10";i:1;s:2:"11";}";

    I have no way of exporting our list and importing it into our new website. Please advise.

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    @"Brian Miksic"

    I'm currently looking at your ticket and will continue to assist you there.
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    @"Brian Miksic"

    We have resolved the checkboxes custom fields import issue in our latest development, sorry for the inconvenience caused by this.

    It was a bug and the import is tricky because the checkboxes custom fields can be either a serialized string from a Newsletters plugin export or any other CSV file with comma separated checkbox custom field values.

    We will release an update shortly with this fix and in the meanwhile if you want it, send a ticket through to us. Brian, we emailed the new build through to you via your ticket.
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