Spam Score RCVD_REMOVED - Headers Removed

edited January 2016 in Newsletter plugin

Hi everyone!

SpamAssassin has a new rule which popped up recently for all users.

The spam check results in a high score of about 3.8 for RCVD_REMOVED - Headers removed

This will affect customers of our WordPress Newsletter plugin.

The reason for the issue is because the Newsletter plugin is generating a raw email with mime headers and body as it will be sent to the recipient and uses that to do a spam check on. The spam check is run through SpamAssassin and it is looking for a "Received:" email header which doesn't exist because the email wasn't actually received yet, we're just testing it.

In short, the RCVD_REMOVED spam score issue is in reality not an issue. When the email is received by remote email servers, that header will be available/present and it will not count against the score.

In our Newsletter plugin, we've resolved this problem with a custom generated Received email header to fix the issue. Just for aesthetic reasons and just so that it doesn't show up when you're creating newsletters, that's all.

Enjoy and feel free to comment below if you need any more information or if you have any input on this.


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