Set Email Subject As Post Title In Latest Posts Subscriptions

edited January 2016 in Newsletter plugin

Hi there,

I bought the plugin a month ago and right now

I'm trying to setup "Email Alerts", let me explain:

I've created several Mailing Lists per Posts Category,

let's say 5 lists and...

Let my subscribers opt-in to receive an email

whenever I publish a post to the categories they


So... in Configuration > Latest Posts Subscriptions

I setup something like the screenshot:


Mailing List(s): "Category X Alerts"

Sending Interval: Every 5 minutes

I want the email subject to be the same as the Post Title published.

¿How can I do that?

¿Do a shortcode exists to fill the "Email Subject" field...

I don´t know, like [wpmlpost_title] to achieve what I want?

I know I can send a newsletter like this directly from

the WordPress "New Post"... but my team is a little bit

busy on most important things than have to remember

to check the "Send as Newsletter" and worse... to

choose the right Mailing List

So that's why automating it... this way I don´t put in front

of their workflow, improve productivity and eliminate human errors.

I appreciate your help.



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