[Solved] Error: No cart/order was specified, please try again

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When I try to add an item to the shopping cart on my website, I get an error: " No cart/order was specified, please try again" . is an example of where I get the error.

I have set the Shopping Cart page to which is a page that only contains the shortcode [checkout_cart] .

What have I missed?

Thanks in advance for the help.




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    Your database has a strict setup which didn't like a specific value creating that table. We have already logged and applied a change to our latest development to prevent this in the future. 

    ​So to solve it, modify the wp-checkout/models/cart.php file and set the user_id from empty/nothing to a zero (0) like this and save the file: https://goo.gl/9fl6Ol

    Then run the "Check/optimize database tables" on the right-hand side under Checkout > Configuration.



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    That worked perfectly to be able to add items to my cart. 

    Thank you.


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    I hope you are doing well.

    And I'm glad to see that Marietha was able to assist you with this.

    We have also released an update of the Shopping Cart plugin to resolve the "No cart/order was specified" error message upon adding products to the cart in WordPress. Version was released.

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