[Solved] Remove the price and quantity from the products loop page

I don't want either the price or quantity to show below the image on the products loop page.



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    Do you want to sell products on your site? Do you want the add to cart button on the products?

    You can turn the quantity off under Checkout>Configuration- Products & Images -Product loop/paging

    I can assist you to hide the price with css.

    If you only want to showcase products with no price and buying option, you can turn your shop to showcase mode. Checkout>Configuration - General Configuration- Showcase mode




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    Did you manage to hide the price and quantity in the products loop page?

    The quantity/how many box can be hidden with a setting under Checkout > Configuration > Products & Images > Products Loop/Paging settings as Marietha mentioned above.

    As for the price, it can be hidden with CSS or by editing the template file. If you want to go the template file route, the file is wp-checkout/views/*themefolder*/products/loop.php . You can use a child theme folder to prevent the changes from being overwritten with the next update: http://tribulant.com/docs/wordpress-shopping-cart-plugin/7186

    Let me know if that helps.
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