Phishing Warning on Email

edited April 2016 in Newsletter plugin

I sent out a test email to myself, through the newsletter plugin, and I got a warning, through my gmail account, that "this email may not have been sent by..." and warned that it could be a phishing email.  

What can I do to prevent this from showing up in subscribers emails?!




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    Thank you for your post.

    Please see this on Gmail's support:

    The main reason why this phishing warning will appear is when the "From Address" setting under Newsletters > Configuration > General > General Mail Settings is set to an email address where the emails are not really coming from.

    The best way to resolve this is to change this "From Address" setting to an actual mailbox on the server/hosting and use SMTP authentication to make sure that you're sending through this email address. 

    That should get rid of the phishing warning message in Gmail.

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