[solved]Impossible to activate extension since update


I use the newsletter plugin for Wordpress, and it did perfectly the job untill last update. All my blog was unreacheable because the plugin had an error.

The message was:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in wp-content/plugins/newsletters-lite/wp-mailinglist-plugin.php on line 1862

I had to deactivate all plugins by phpMyAdmin to use again my blog, and reactivate one by one. It's still impossible to reactivate newsletter plugin (same error).

When I check the line 1862, I get this

$mg = new Mailgun\Mailgun($mailgun_apikey);

I guess the backslash is the problem, but when I edit code and replace




I have the same error line 6884...

Here are my blog settings :

  • PHP Version 5.2.17

  • WordPress Version 4.5

  • Active Theme Twenty Sixteen 1.2

  • Newsletters

Does anyone have an idea or a solution?




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    The reason for the parse error is an outdated php version. The latest version of the Newsletter plugin require php v5.3+

    Can you please ask your hosting provider to upgrade php for you?





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    edited April 2016

    Ok, thanks for this information.

    It's impossible for now to update PHP version because some old parts of the website need to be refactored before.

    I will not use the newsletter until that.

    PS : I can only edit my answers, but if I want to edit the original topic to mark as [Solved], I have the following warning :

    Permission Problem
    You don't have permission to do that.
    If an admin or moderator can modify the topic title, it could be nice :-)
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    You can downgrade to a prev version of the newsletter plugin if you want to use it. http://tribulant.com/downloads/

    I'll mark this topic as solved.



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