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I need to change the email/name/surname fields size and layout on the subscription page and change the button size - can't find the way of doing it, please help :)

(I've added the size to css, but it does not really works...)

Thank you


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    Actually another connected question - what if I would like to add some extra text above the buttons, that I want to be replaced completely with the confirmation text?
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    @"Polina Nicholls"

    Thank you for your post.

    Yes, the best way to do this is with CSS.
    Can you give me a link and tell me how you want to change them?
    Then I can give you CSS to add to your theme's stylesheet or under custom CSS.

    To add text, etc. you can edit the template file. The template file is wp-mailinglist/views/*themefolder*/widget.php . You can use a child theme folder to make sure your changes remain intact with updates. See this:

    I look forward to your response.
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