Problems when existing subscriber tries to subscribe

I'm not sure if I am misunderstanding something or if there are bugs but here are some behaviors that seem incorrect to me when someone tries to subscribe with an email address that is already a subscriber.

1. In the Configuration > Subscribers section, there is an option 'Subscriber Exists Redirect' but when I select the 'Do Nothing' option it seems to redirect anyway.

2. If a form field is not filled out or the captcha is not completed, the errors are displayed but there is no apparent check that the email already exists. It seems to me that should be the first and primary error check because if it already exists we would rather redirect to the management page rather than have them subscribe again, right?

3. I have multiple lists. If someone tries to subscribe an already active email address but chooses at least one list that they are not already subscribed to, the form submission completes and a confirmation email is sent (if configured to do so). I am aware that no new subscriber is actually created but rather the existing subscriber is updated but again, if a subscriber already exists, shouldn't we want them to login and manage their subscriptions rather than subscribing again?


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    Thank you for you message.

    I test this on our dev site.

    1.) I was able to duplicate this, if you have "nothing" selected it still redirects to manage subscription on existing subscribers.

    2.) It only validates an existing subscriber on submitting the form and only then redirect to the manage subscription page. Do you want it to valid the email before submitting?

    3.) If an existing subscriber subscribe to a form with another list, they will receive a confirmation email with double opt-in and get redirected to the manage subscription page, where they can manage their subscription.

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    For (2) yes, I would prefer to see that the email is checked to see if it already exists. Because, if it does, it makes more sense to tell the user to login and manage their subscriptions. Agree/disagree?

    For (3), the current setup isn't so bad but I sort of feel the same way as (2). If we are dealing with an already existing email address, why not direct the user to the manage subscriptions page.

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