[Solved] PHP7


Getting warning about a deprecated constructor(s). Will this be updated soon? I think the last version was released in 2014 for version 3.3

Thank you!


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    Thank you for your post!

    We have an update for our Banner Rotator plugin coming out shortly which will use new PHP constructors and resolve the PHP warnings accordingly.

    In the meanwhile, please turn off debugging/error_reporting under Banners > Configuration on the right-hand side so that you don't have these PHP warnings bothering you.

    I'll reply back here shortly when we have this done.
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    I see that this was already done and ticked off on our development list.

    So it will be released soon with this included.

    If you want a development version urgently in the meanwhile, please submit a ticket to us then we can email it through to you: http://tribulant.com/support/

    I'll mark this as [Solved] since this improvement/fix has already been applied to the plugin in development.
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