[Solved] Change background color on built in template and how wide the content is

edited September 2016 in Newsletter plugin
I have no experience coding HTML, i see VERY little explanation on how to customize the pre built template, i'd like some help understanding how i can customize them. For example at this time i am trying to change the color background all around the newsletter content and how wide the content box is, i tried dragging the border but it only does one portion, not all.

Please advise


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    Thank you for your post, I'll assist you with this.

    Some things can be done in the WYSIWYG editor itself but some things unfortunately do require a bit of HTML knowledge.

    To edit the background colour and the width of the content area, please click the "Source" button in the top left of the editor where you're editing the newsletter template. Then you can change that.

    If you're unable to, you can submit a ticket to us and we'll assist you with it: http://tribulant.com/support/
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