[SOLVED] USPS shipping options display isn't pretty

junk-in-the shipping-block

I've got lots of little extra code after the 1st radio button option.

I'm running WordPress 3.5 with Checkout

Is there anything I can do to clean up that display a little bit? I'd like to not freak out customers.
Everything else seems to be working perfectly on this install.



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    Hi Dena,

    Thank you for your post.

    I see you're using a rather outdated version of the Shopping Cart plugin with WordPress 3.5. The update to version 3.5 of WordPress threw the cat among the pigeons for many plugins and we also had to hurriedly update the Shopping Cart plugin to comply. Also those HTML entities were converted in a later version.

    Are you able to update your Shopping Cart plugin to the latest version? You can find installation/update instructions here:


    I look forward toy your reply.


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    Thanks for the reply. I've gone to my download section. I purchased an unlimited version of the shopping cart a long while back. 

    Am I needing to renew for $15 to download? I currently do not have a download option.


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    Okay Phil ... I spent $15 to get a new download ... installed the updated version and my shipping block looks EXACTLY like it did in my original post.

    What did I do wrong?
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    Thanks for your reply, Dena.

    I'm surprised - it SHOULDN'T look like that... are you perhaps using a custom Shopping Cart theme which you simply carried over from the old version to the new? That would explain it.

    From time to time there are necessary changes to theme folders as well, which might explain what's happening. It's actually never a good idea, really, to edit any files in the Shopping Cart plugin. One should try to change the look of the pages using only CSS as far as possible (either in the Custom CSS settings or in a child theme - more information under "Checkout > Configuration > General > Theme, Scripts & Custom CSS" at the bottom of the page).

    I hope this helps, Dena? Please let me know if you need further support.

    Best regards,

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    I'm not entirely sure what you mean by "using a customer Shopping Cart theme". When I installed this newest version of the plugin I backed up the old one ... deleted it from my server and installed the new version.

    looks the same.

    So since you're implying it's a problem with the theme ... I activated an entirely different theme that has never been touched - edited - or otherwise customized. And guess what ... the shipping block still looks ugly.

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    edited March 2013
    Hi Dena,

    Thanks for your reply.

    Would you mind if we logged in to investigate? Please submit a support ticket at http://tribulant.com/support/, and provide us with WordPress admin login details (you can create a temporary admin user and delete it again when we're done, if you prefer) and FTP or cPanel access.

    Please also add a link to this forum post in the ticket so we can update the post afterwards to let the community know what the issue was and how it was fixed.

    We'll get to the bottom of this for you.

    Kind regards,

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    I hope you are doing well, Dena.

    I have replied to your ticket and solved the problem.

    For some reason the PHP html_entity_decode() function wasn't working, it wasn't converting the entities to HTML characters accordingly so it could be a problem with that function on your hosting.

    All the best,
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    Thanks for your reply Dena.

    Glad you're happy :)

    Give us a shout any time should you need any further support, OK?

    Kind regards,

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