Issues with Stripe - Bugs - CVC decline & older security protocols

So using the latest version of checkout plugin with stripe plugin for processing. We had a charge that was passed through by checkout as approved when in fact it was blocked by Stripe and failed.

Stripe tech support notes - "I've checked the events on our end for that blocked charge, and it's showing as failed on our system. As the payment failed due to a CVC decline, this doesn't happen instantly, and this may be what caused the error. There isn't any way to change the way the CVC declines are reflected on the system, but I'd advise you to reach out to Tribulant to see if they can alter the way they handle payments that haven't yet cleared CVC checks. You may also want to advise them that in 2017, we'll be deprecating some of the older security protocols (TLS 1.0, TLS 1.1, and SHA-1) used to make connections with Stripe's APIs."

This was a huge problem for us as several hundred in tickets to a show were issued because the charge was passed in Checkout but actually failed in Stripe. Please advise if this can be corrected. The stripe plugin is probably due for an update anyway!
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