[Solved] Missing Latest Posts In Scheduled Tasks

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So I re-installed my Newsletter plugin because everything crashed about a week or so ago. Anyhow ...

Upon re-install, I notice there's no "Latest Posts" subscription option in my Scheduled Tasks.

And then I notice that there's something odd happening when I click a link in my admin menu. One out of every three clicks on a menu item causes the whole thing to freeze up and never move - even the arrow remains an arrow and won't move on the monitor. Until I use the keyboard command to refresh the page.

I'm not sure if the two are related, but it seems like there's something missing with the plugin.

Can anyone help out here?


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    @"Alan Fuller"

    There is a scheduled task/cron job for each individual latest posts subscription. They are not shown individually under Newsletters > Configuration > Scheduled Tasks though. Rather, you can see the individual schedules and run or reschedule under Newsletters > Configuration > General > Latest Posts Subscription.

    As for the freezing and other issues, we have a development version here with several improvements to memory, etc. We will release it shortly but if you want it in the meanwhile, can you please submit a ticket through to us: http://tribulant.com/support/

    I look forward to your response.
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    Hi there! Yes I'm aware of the scheduling. The issue is that Newsletters > Configuration > General > Latest Posts Subscription is completely absent.
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    Okay, so ... I've been playing around with this ... there may have been a conflict with my theme or another plugin or even a database problem ... I'm not really sure about what it was.

    I uninstalled v4.6.4.2, deleted the plugin, backed up the database, and then dropped the tables. Afterwards, I downloaded and installed v4.

    Newsletters > Configuration > General > Latest Posts Subscription was then present. Then I auto-updated the plugin to v4.6.4.2, and everything appears to be as it should. I set up a scheduled latest posts subscription for Saturday morning and I'll see if it goes out.

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    Post went out as newsletter Sat morning. I'm marking this solved. I think maybe there was a fluke with my database.
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    @"Alan Fuller"

    Thank you for the follow-up, I'm glad to hear that this is resolved.
    So there was just some sort of conflict that caused a problem?
    I'll mark this as [Solved]
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    I'm using the OptimizePress theme, and I believe it may be a conflict within the theme. However, the freezing is still happening, even with the Development version of the plugin installed, and it now will sometimes load an "Internal Server Error" page with no specifics about the error.
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    @"Alan Fuller"

    I replied to your ticket regarding the freezing and will continue to assist you there.
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