[solved] Add header to outgoing email

edited March 2013 in Newsletter plugin
Per instructions from Google for maximizing success rate for email, I want to add a header to outgoing newsletters:

<pre lang="php">Precedence: bulk</pre>

I am bit surprised that this is not added automatically. I am also surprised that I cannot find an interface in the settings to select this or to add a custom header. What am I missing?



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    I got a smidge of help from the support team, who told to add this myself. (Yikes! Do I really ever want to upgrade a plugin which requires manual editin?)

    The followin applies to Newsletter plugin version I added the following line into the function execute_mail in wp-mailing-plugin.php on or about line 2784:

    <pre lang="php">
    $phpmailer -> addCustomHeader("Precedence: bulk");

    I verified that the header was added to outgoing messages.

    Google states in their documentation that the presence of this header in mail that appears to be bulk mail, will improve its chances of getting through. Now what's wrong with that? I urged Tribulant to add it to their next release.
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    Hi Mark,

    Thanks for your posts.

    As I have also mentioned in your support ticket, we have added your suggestion to our development list for inclusion into the plugin.

    Best regards,

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