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I would like to offer our readers the possibility to have the posts they receive by the Latest Posts Subscription Newsletter filtered by category, so, e.g., one user can choose to subscribe to the latest posts from category X, another to category Y and a third to All.

I get that I can make different lists that the users can choose, but how can I customize the content of the newsletter being send out?


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    Thank you for your post, Rasmus.

    The latest posts subscription feature is currently fixed and only controlled by the administrator so unfortunately the subscribers cannot choose their settings, categories, interval, etc...

    We are working on making it possible for users to subscribe to posts in their preferred category(ies), choose their interval, etc... all on the subscriber management section and this will be available soon. It will be an additional feature in addition to the latest posts subscription feature.

    Let me know if this helps please!
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    Thar's fair enough.

    I was just thinking, since users can already choose lists, and I can choose which lists the  Latest Posts Subscription (LPS) newsletter goes out to, and I can choose the content of the LPS newsletter, if I could just make *another* LPS newsletter, the outcome would be the same for users: receiving a filtered newsletter.

    So, perhaps put better: can I schedule an extra LPS newsletter?
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    Hi Rasmus,

    Thanks for your reply.

    There is unfortunately currently only one instance of the Latest Posts Subscription feature, but we're working on making multiple/unlimited instances possible soon.

    Hope that helps?


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