[SOLVED] Error: 0 queue email(s) have been sent out

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I am new to Newsletter plugin and it was great to set up. Fantastic job! I imported my client's subscribers and created cloned her existing theme from a different (free and buggy) newsletter package. Then we tested and sent her newsletter. Approx 1100 out of 1500 sent properly but 400 remain, unsent, in the queue. I was able to hand select a few emails to send via the "send now" action so I *thought* that I could complete the batches manually but I cannot.

When I select the top email on the queue and do "send now", I get the message in the title of this post.The subscriber appears no different than any other. I've tested a few others of the remaining 400 and the send fails for them as well. There are no bounces in the system for these address because this is the first time I am sending an email. As I am new to the plugin, I don't know where to turn to debug.

I am on Wordpress 3.4.1 with plugin 3.9.4 running on a Centos VPS with Plesk. I am using Gmail as SMTP and I can send test messages with no problem.


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    Client informed me that she has received Exceeded Quota on her email account used for the newsletter. I don't understand what aspect of Google's limits were exceeded but the account is shut down. The Newsletter plugin is working perfectly. As for Google, you get what you pay for.
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    Quick update: I created a new newsletter and selected a test mailing list with only my own email address. The email was properly queued. I selected it from the queue and did "Send Now" and got the same error: 0 queue email(s) have been sent out. But I selected the email a second time and did a successful Send Now.

    I have been unsuccessful processing the 400 emails remaining from the earlier send
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