Variation Options/Product Options and shipping charges

Any update on when you will be able to change shipping prices due to a variation option that increases or decreases the weight of the product?  Here is our example: 
We sell batting cages.  One option is to include or not include the L-screen.  It weighs 30 pounds and hence effects shipping weight.  If the client does not want the L-screen we not only reduce the cost of the product by $80, but want to decrease the price of shipping by $20.  Currently I can't do that as I can only change the product price with a variation option.  So I have to leave shipping at what it would cost to include the L-screen and lower the product price by a total of $100.  But this is fouls up other options when clients also buy a package deal, e.g. buy a pitching machine and a batting cage, and get free shipping on the cage.  If they don't order the L-screen I only want to discount the cage by $80 not $100.  As I've said in a previous post when I was using Drupal and Ubercart, their "attributes" would allow also changes in shipping weight which is how I charge shipping on products.  Based on the weight of each product.  Thanks.


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    Thanks for your post.

    That feature is not available yet, but we are working on it as a priority since it's been asked for by several users.

    I'm not able to give a specific ETA though, I'm afraid.

    Kind regards,

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