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I'm having issues around the subject of tax on products (VAT). My client calculates VAT on top of the ex vat price and rounds off to the nearest euro. So a product that sells for €95 has an ex VAT price of €77.24. However when you add 23% of 77.24 to the price you get €95.0052 and the shopping cart rounds this up to €95.01 - which is correct mathematically but not practical for the seller of the product.

I had to set the product to be €77.235 in order to get €95 as the total. However in the checkout, this amount is rounded up to €77.24 giving the following which I dont want.....

VAT (23%)17.77
Does anybody have a way around this? I want to show the vat amounts as it is other businesses who will be buying the products. 


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    I decided not to use the VAT calculations at all. I am going to add a new table to the shopping cart page which will show how much VAT is included in the total price!
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    Hi Dave,

    Yes, this is an issue which I raised with our guys as well and they're going to change the way tax is handled.

    If you specify that the product price is inclusive of tax (or VAT), then the plugin will calculate the tax and display the net price, the tax amount and the total in the shopping cart. If the price is specified as exclusive of tax, tax will be calculated and added to the price to give the total (unless of course tax is set to not be calculated at all).

    As with all such things though (per company policy) I'm unable to give an ETA on that, unfortunately.

    Best regards,

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    My Apologies, I thought this was Dave... is this Phil Newman?

    That will teach me to make assumptions :)


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