[Solved] Styling Questions

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I have a couple of questions pertaining the layout of the Grid and/or Layout View.

1.  In Grid View is there a way to have the Title not dispaly and only have the description?

2. In List View is there a way to have the Title and the Discription?

3. Is there a way to display an image for the add to basket button?

4.  How can I make the Title - not a link.

The site I am working on is a book site and each book comes in 3 versions - PDF (Downloadable) - $9.99, Paper back (Tangible) - $18.95 and Hard Cover (Tangible) - $29.95. I have a customized product page for each of the titles and want to add the ability to purchase either type of book for that title to the pages.  Currently I have added the title as a category and have added the 3 types of books as a product in that category.  Any suggestion on how to cleanly do this would be helpful.  What I would like to be able to do - is in Grid View - have...   Book Title centered
                                    Description centered (i.e. Type of book - pdf, paper back, hard cover)          
                                    ISBN Number centered (SKU code).

Thanks for any help or direction you can provide me - here is a page so you can take a look at what I have so far - http://www.smartessentials.com/selling-your-home


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    Basically - I have only 2 questions now - (worked my way through the others)...

    1. I don't want the title to link - it is already on the page.

    2. Is there a way to display the SKU code in the Grid Loop?

    I will keep plugging a way to see if I can get these two resolved.

    Thanks for you help.... Tammy

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