Variation option pricing stacking - how does it work?

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Hello again,

I have a kind of complicated setup - my main product is priced $0.00, and the actual price depends on the drop-down choices from two of variation groups. (I'm using the shopping cart to sell advertising & premium advertising spots... I know that's not its intended purpose, but it's the most flexible cart regarding user input out there, which makes it perfect for... just about anything :-) ).

I'm trying to control the actual price through two variation groups instead of creating bunches of duplicate products, but the main product total always says "Make your selections for price" or "Calculating". I've changed the price calculation settings to "Accumulative on top of one another in order displayed", and it didn't make a difference.


Product price $0.00
Variation1 dropdown (city1)
Variation1 dropdown (city2)
Variation2 checkbox1 (spot1, $100 in city1, $70 in city2) -> variable price based on Variation1
Variation2 checkbox2 (spot2, $50 in city1, $30 in city2) -> variable price based on Variation1
(Different cities have different pricing, published spots cost differently based on location in publication)
Variation3 checkbox1 (1week, -60%)
Variation3 checkbox2 (2months, 70%)
(Different time lengths cost more or less than the base calculated base price above)

Can this be done?


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    Hi nunsuch,

    Thanks for your post an sorry about the late reply.

    You might be able to use the variation options' conditional prices feature to achieve your aim. They are set up under Checkout > Variation Options.

    Here is a screenshot: (rather large, my apologies)

    In this example you see the variation option "Green" which is assigned to the variation "Cover Colors (5 options)." It's price is set at $0.00, since we're going to use conditional prices to give it a price depending on the selections made in another variation.

    So we've selected "Conditional Prices" and under "Conditions" we see a list of variations. Having selected the variation "Size," we see a list of its variation options. Next to each of those variations we enter a price which is to be applied to our original variation option "Green," irrespective of their own normal pricing, should that variation be selected.

    I hope this makes sense? Perhaps you could try and see how this could be applied to your project?

    Please let us know, I look forward to your reply.

    Kind regards,

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    Thanks for the explanation - this works great if I have only one variation that determines the price - let's say "City". But, I have *two* - "City" and "Time length".

    The variation options page doesn't allow me to link two sets of options to one variation - it's a radio button, not a checkbox.

    Looks like it'll be the best to split my products by particular spot & just eliminate one set of pricing variations that way... or am I missing something?
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    Thanks for your reply nunsuch.

    I expect you might have to rethink the strategy slightly, yes... as you say, it's unfortunately not possible to link two sets of options to one variation.

    I'll also keep it in mind to think of a good solution, but please do let us know if you have a brainwave for how to best do it - it would be interesting to know.

    Best regards,

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