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edited April 2013 in Shopping Cart plugin

Under Orders on the Manage Orders page - I need to add the code/sku and/or the product ID fields so that they will download as part of each order's data for reporting purposes. How would I go about doing this - I couldn't find where the export code was located.  Thanks!


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    Also would like to send this field as a hidden field to so I can have it print as one of my customer defined fields on the auto-receipt.
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    Hello Tammy,

    Thank you for getting in contact with us.

    You can find the code for the Order Export feature under the wp-checkout/wp-checkout.php file, you can see here code here:

    Regarding the modification, you can find the code that has to be edited under: wp-checkout/vendors/gateways/class.authorize_aim.php 

    Let us know if it helps ok Tammy?

    All the best!
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