[Solved] Customizing Email Invoice

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Loving this product!

I have couple of questions pertaining e-mail.

1.  For downlaodable products - is there any way to have the download link in the customer receipt?

2. Is Invoice.php under the email folder where I would go to edit the subject line that is sent out with the customer receipt?  Also if I wanted to customize the customer receipt - would I use this file?

3. Is there an email from tribulant that I sould be receiving when an order is complete - other than the Authorize.net email (i.e. something simular to what the customer gets)?  If not is there any easy way for me to add this capability?

Thanks again for all of your help.  I'm almost ready to go live!!!!


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    Just to clairify #3 - this email would be used for order fufillment. - Thanks!
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    Figured out # 3 - had a typo in th Merchant/Admin email address field.
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    Finally found the file to change the Invoice Subject line - wpcheckout-plugin.php.  Also was able to customize the invoice.  I am going to mark this a solved and open another toppic for download question.
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    Thank you for your posts, Tammy.

    I'm glad to see that you found the subject and that this is resolved.

    We're adding a setting for the subject line of the invoice so that it can easily be customised.

    All the best,
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    I don't see where you added a setting for customizing the subject line of the invoice. I looked all over the invoice tab and don't see it. Am I missing something? And, if there isn't a way, how can I make changes like Tammy did above? I'm sure I an figure it out, but doesn't that mean I will have to remake the change anytime the plugin gets updated? 
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    There is currently no setting for the invoice email subject.
    We have this on our development list at the moment.

    Yes, you can use a child theme folder to make changes to the invoice.
    So you can take "wp-checkout/views/default/invoice.php" and copy the file over to "*yourtheme*/checkout/invoice.php" in your WordPress installation and make changes to it.

    Let me know if that helps.
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    We have added a setting for this in our latest development.
    We will have a release shortly with this feature and several other things.
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