Preparing To Go Live

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I am getting ready to go live and have basically 3 questions:

1. Is there anything special that needs to be done (other than checking live) to clean things up and go live?

2. Is there any type of process that automatically cleans out all of the test orders or do I just manually need to delete all of the orders and will manually deleteing orders also delete downloads in the download managment section.

3.  I have made changes to the Invoice and Wpcheckoutp-plugin files - is there a way (like view/default becoming view/domain name) where I can put these files for use and they won't be over written when the plug-in is updated?

Thanks for all of your help!  The setup up process has been pretty easy!!!


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    Hi Tammy,

    Thanks for your post and well done on getting ready to go live. I'll answer your questions in the order you asked them:

    1. Nothing special to do, really, than cleaning up your test sales and other data. If you're cloning the site across, make sure to find and replace all URLs in the database.

    2. Deleting all orders is simple really... you just set the "Per Page" setting at the bottom of the list to a number that will make all orders appear on the same page, then you use the top most checkbox to select them all and delete them in one fell swoop using the Bulk Actions.

    3. You can create a /checkout/ folder inside your active WordPress theme's folder, create an /email/ folder inside of that, and copy the file invoice.php from your Shopping Cart theme into the /email/ folder. That will act as a type of child theme, serving that invoice.php file instead of the one in the Shopping Cart plugin's theme.

    As for the wp-checkoutp-plugin.php file - that unfortunately can't be protected in the same way. You would have to keep a backup of the file on your computer. Please make very sure your modifications are noted and clearly commented. In the event of a plugin update, don't simply replace the new file with the old backup... rather add your modifications into the new file.

    The same goes for the invoice.php file in the child theme. Although it won't be overwritten in an update, it could get outdated with time and break the plugin.

    I hope that helps, Tammy?

    Best of success with your launch!

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