[Solved] Email List Import/Send

edited March 2017 in Newsletter plugin
We just installed a new fresh instance of Newsletters
Tests are fine and small send to 10 internal works great
We just added 11,000 of our subscribers, so import was successful
However when we go to send to that list the 'loading subscriber count' wheel just spins
Is there a problem with the import somehow, are we now trying to send to too many, did we miss the roles or something. Something is amiss and we need to resolve it ASAP please.


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    This amazing update is useless because the import data option was broken.
    When we go to import a subscriber´s list the 'loading subscriber count' wheel just spins forever and nothing happen.
    Is any prevision to solve this? We have many mailing to send and customers very sad.
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    @"Ricardo Reginato"

    We assisted you with the problem in our help desk and I also replied to your comment on our blog post regarding the update and now here as well.

    The issue with the Newsletters plugin on your website was because your PHP is outdated. I'm not sure how you managed to activate it because it has a message upon activation if PHP is lower than 5.4. Upgrading to PHP 5.4 or higher will resolve the problem.

    @"Bo Rinaldi"

    I believe your problem is the same, were you able to resolve it?
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    @"Bo Rinaldi"

    Based on your ticket, the problem was that all the subscribers in your CSV that you're trying to import into a new mailing list already exists in the database on other list/s.

    To solve the problem, the "Update/overwrite existing subscribers" option should be chosen during import so that the existing subscribers can be updated and be added to the new mailing list as well as remain on the list/s they are already on.
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    Thats is right!
    Just the php version was not enough, must set "Update/overwrite existing subscribers" option to work will.
    I 've lost many time to this headache!
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    @"Ricardo Reginato"

    I'm glad to hear that the PHP version as well as the "Update/overwrite existing subscribers" option resolves the problem.

    Very sorry to hear that you had to struggle with it, we'll try to make the instructions on the import more clear and easier so that users don't have to guess.
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