[Solved] Slideshow gallery images displays vertically

Hi, all was good with the Tribulant slideshow gallery plugin until a couple of days ago.

For some unknown reason, all existing slideshows started to display oddly in that the bigger images (not thumbnail) displayed vertically down the page rather than within the gallery space, sliding horizontally as normal.

I don't believe any changes have been made to the site, so has anyone else experienced this and if so, what if anything did you do to fix it. Many thanks, Neil.


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    @"Neil Lewis"

    The problem with the plugin is that it isn't loading it's CSS.
    ​The CSS URL is being blocked with 403 Forbidden.

    ​​I believe it is security on the hosting. Can you please show the screenshot and URL to the hosting provider and ask them why the URL is being blocked with 403 Forbidden. Maybe something like mod_security causing it?

    ​I look forward to your response once you've spoken to them.
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    I am having a similar problem. Slideshow was working till a couple of days ago. Now, images are not sliding, but stacking vertically. Thumbs were still visible horizontally but off the page. Just before this issue, I had added a couple of images to my gallery and all looked fine so I updated to the new Wordpress version and updated my theme. It crashed after that. I tried purchasing the Gallery pro version and deleting the gallery and rebuilding it but that didn't help either. The configuration on the slideshow is non-responsive when you ask for different options. I have scaled it back to near default features. Help or suggestions are welcome - I have submitted a support ticket.
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    @"Julie Davis Basile"

    We replied to your ticket earlier on and your issue is indeed similar.

    Your issue is related to the non CSS mime type being blocked. It looks like it is blocked by Nginx and I asked you in the ticket to show the hosting provider the screenshot and error message for them to all it.

    The CSS file of the Slideshow Gallery plugin is a PHP file because it generates the CSS dynamically based on the styling settings and other options configured under Slideshow > Configuration. A static CSS file is not an option due to the customization.

    Let me know if you manage with it?
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    Hello, I am still having an issue with my slideshow gallery. I spoke to my hosting provider and I'm using a CPanel not Nginx for this website and slideshow. I showed the error message to my hosting provider and the problem is not on their end. Currently, I have no control over the configuration of the slideshow even with the upgrade. I have replied to my ticket with screenshots of the CSS coding of my slideshow and display of the slideshow.
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    @"Julie Davis Basile"

    No problem, I replied to your ticket regarding this. You can keep the support case in one place please. The ticket is the best place to continue communicating.

    Once we have a solution, I'll come and post it here after we've closed your ticket in case someone else has the same problem.
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    Hi, I am facing this problem as well. The images are stacked vertically and at times, it will show info heading and info content as well.
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    Same as above, I believe this is an issue with the CSS not loading.

    Things you can check:

    • Does your theme have wp_header() function in the header.php file?
    • Does your theme have wp_footer() function in the footer.php file?
    • In your browser's console, is there any error of the CSS not loading?
    If the problem persists, please provide a link to the slideshow so that I can check.
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