[Solved] Newsletter plugin and high volume - pre-sale question

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Hi, I need to know how does this plugin handle high newsletter sending volume? I'm on a shared server (Bluehost), and right now my volume will be low but I'm concerned about my account getting red flagged if I'm sending too many emails. I'll start using Amazon SES shortly and integrate with the Newsletter plugin; will that solve high-volume concerns?




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    @"Mark Quigg"

    Sending many emails through the local mail server on your hosting is not the best choice especially if you are on a shared hosting account. They may also have an hourly/daily/monthly email sending limit as well.

    Yes, with Amazon SES, you'll solve the high volume sending issue.
    The limits of Amazon SES are usually high by default and you can request an increase as well.

    The Newsletters plugin has Amazon SES integrated as an API already or you can use it with SMTP if you prefer. Amazon SNS is also integrated to handle bounces and complaints for you automatically to keep your lists clean.

    Enjoy the plugin and let us know if you need any assistance.
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