[Solved] Select lists on Create Newsletter screen should be sorted alphabetically

edited April 2017 in Newsletter plugin
This is a constantly annoying feature when choosing multiple mailing lists to send a newsletter to. The lists under subscribers appear in a random order, with some lists sorted and others not. Some years ago this appeared to be fixed, but now it is super annoying if you have many lists.

We have over 150 lists, most carefully titled with the year first (eg: '2015 Entrants') but that's no guarantee of where a list will appear in the checkboxes.

This means every time we need to send a newsletter to multiple groups the entire list has to be scanned, which is time consuming and can lead to errors. Groups are not always useful in this case, as some combinations are ad hoc plus there is a maintenance overhead to put lists in groups.

This doesn't sound hard to fix, could it be added soon please?

Many thanks.


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    Thank you for your suggestion on this.

    We are currently looking into this and if it works better, we'll apply this change to our current development which is due for release shortly.
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    The plugin already sorts the lists alphabetically.

    Are you using multilingual like WPML or qTranslate-X? If you are that is the reason because the strings stored in the database actually have language quicktags on them which breaks the alphabetic sorting.

    We have resolved this issue in our latest development now and the fix will be included in our upcoming update of the Newsletters plugin.

    Thanks for reporting it!
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    You're probably right, it does sound like the kind of thing WPML would do, which we are using, well spotted. I look forward to the next release to fix it.

    Another great feature to have here would be a search field to filter the lists by text. I would find that far more useful than the options, which we've never had cause to use except occasionally the date filtering.


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    No problem at all and you are very welcome.
    This alphabetic improvement will be included in our upcoming update.

    We'll add the search lists feature to the development list to easily find list/s in the checkboxes list or select drop downs without having to scroll back and forth. Thanks for the suggestion!
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