[Solved] WorldPay redirect stopped working


Just had a customer contact me saying that orders were not being received in the system. I have just run a test transaction in live mode and it would seem that the redirect back to the shopping cart from Worldpay is not working.

I'm not aware of any changes to the WorldPay setup and I know the Shopping cart is up to date, any reason why this should suddenly stop working after 3 years?

Thanks, Colin


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    We've been discussing this in your ticket and the problem as you mentioned:

    "Just checked with worldpay and they say the server is refusing the IP address so I’m going to white list that and see where that leads."

    So the WorldPay redirect may not work if the hosting/server is blocking the callback from WorldPay.
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    Just wondering if this could be the cause of our latest issue, where did you whitelist the server last time it happened.

    Regards, Colin
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