slideshowgallery1925.touch is not a function

I recently upgraded to slideshow gallery It looks like I am seeing an error now when the page loads: TypeError: slideshowgallery1925.touch is not a function.

Please help as this prevents the rest of the page's javascript from running, of course.

See for example.

Is this related to the new responsive feature?


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    Can I get some help with this, please?

    I'm also using all-in-one-migration, and seeing the following error in their error log.

    Undefined index: slideshow_method","file":"\/var\/www\/\/wordpress\/wp-content\/plugins\/slideshow-gallery\/slideshow-gallery.php","line":1066
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    edited October 2017
    Regarding the first problem, after some debugging, I was getting the exception because the browserwas using a cached version of gallery.js. I made the following update to slideshow-gallery-plugin.php as follows to fix the problem.

    < wp_enqueue_script($this -> plugin_name, $this -> render_url('js/gallery.js', "default"), null, '1.0');
    > wp_enqueue_script($this -> plugin_name, $this -> render_url('js/gallery.js', "default"), null, '1.6.3');
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    @Lou King

    Thank you for your responses and feedback.
    I'm glad to hear that you found the problem here.
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