Slideshow breaks site layout

we have been using the current (paid) version of Slideshow Gallery Plugin on our Website "" since October 2017 with up to three different galleries running parallel on one page. All in all it's working fine (I've tried lots of slider plugins before and this one turned out to be the best for our purposes :) ). But there is still one issue (a real bug maybe?) that keeps bothering us:

The Slideshows tend to brake our Website layout (please see the images attached below) every now and then when one is opening the Page. :/

To fix the issue, the only thing that works is to go into our Wordpress Dashboard, open the Homepage in html mode and click on one of (no matter which) the gallery shortcode snippets.

After saving the "changes" (although nothing has to be changed really) it'll work perfectly - but only for the next few hours before the strange bug shows up again...

This seems to happen only on desktop browsers, never on mobile. But it happens continously and for no apparent reason.

Sounds strange? Feels strange. Never seen anything like that. But I hope you do have some idea to help us out?

Thanks a lot

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