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IMO bounce handling is too simplistic in its current form. There is a bounce counter per subscriber and a maximum number of bounce before the subscriber is deleted. However, the counter only counts up and is never reset. Thus, a subscriber could work perfectly and bounce only every few months. Nevertheless, the subscriber will be deleted! For this reason, I lost many subscribers. Since there are more than 6000 of them I cannot control them manually and need automatic bounce management.

For a good bounce management a different approach is desperately needed. For example: if n consecutive newsletters bounce, remove the subscriber. Or: Reset bounce counter to 0 if there is no bounce for m consecutive newsletters.

There are many options here. But there should be at least one implemented. Otherwise, this plugin is useless for many subscribers.



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    You are right!

    We are currently working on expanding the bounce feature in the Newsletter plugin to first deactivate the subscription or subscriber after X bounces and later delete the subscriber after Y bounces.

    That will provide more control. It will be available soon.
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    If the subscription is deactivated it will never be deleted, no? It sounds like this involves some manual action. However, with a mailinglist of >6000 subscribers and a load of bounces this is no option. I need a fully automatic solution that removes "real bounces", but is tolerant to infrequent bounces.
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    The bounce feature of the Newsletter plugin doesn't require any manual action. The subscribers will be automatically deleted if they bounce X times as configured in the configuration.

    What I was saying before is that we will implement a feature to first deactivate a subscription after X bounces and then delete a subscriber only after Y (more than X) bounces.
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