Responsive Posts content

Hi - I am struggling to create a good format for a weekly newsletter and make it responsive. If I understand correctly, the templates are responsive, but the Posts content comes from the Email templates (either Posts or Latest Posts) - but these do not create responsive content.

I am not looking for anything complicated; ideally just a two column layout with:

Title (as needed up to full width)
Left float Image (to about 100px square:
Excerpt (alongside floating image (obviously)

This is the title of each Post and can be quite long

My image Excerpt content floating here so that it sits alongside the image
My image and wraps correctly when there is a good amount of text and
My image ends with a [Read More] message
-------------------------------------- the a single line separator -----------------------------------------------

Just this is difficult - but then on Mobile I would like these to stack vertically.

Do I need to create my own whole Posts Content template to embed in the email to achieve this or am I being stupid and missing something?

Many thanks

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