Autoresponder messages not sending

I've used the newsletter plugin quite a bit over the last year or so but I'm having trouble with a particular website. It was working fine about a month ago. Not sure if this has anything to do with it but Mcafee blacklisted the domain on it. I think this was based on the content of the website being cbd hemp oil. I got them to remove the domain off of the blacklist. I can receive test emails from the plugin. I use a server cron on siteground. I always use siteground and have never had an issue before. The newsletter log is showing me Email could not be saved: No subscriber was specified; No unique ID was specified. I do get confirmation of subscription sent to my email though. I'm using a generated html form which is how I always do it. I've checked over thing multiple times. Crossed checked setting with working sites and can't seem to figure out why. Is there a way I can get you guys to take a look at it?



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