Language issue with predefined shortcodes and WPML

We need to send various Newsletter to different language people.
For example, we put this shortcode in a French Newsletter:
In the preview window, we see all perfectly, texts according to selected language.
But, when we send the Newsletter, activate button shows in Spanish and link goes to Spanish [wpmlmanagement] page too.
Any help?


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    More information:
    In Configuration-->Subscribers-->Subscriber Management Section, we modify the ID's of Management Post ID pages, but there is a problem and always saves the same ID in all languages.
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    We solve ID's save using WMPL "show all languages" in admin bar.

    But we still have a problem with [newsletters_activate] button.

    If we Queue a Newsletter it sends using [newsletters_activate] button in predefined language.

    If we paused the Queue, and if we click the button "Run Now", it sends in the correct language.

    Any help please?
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