Mails not sent


In the admin panel, everything looks like if the mails had been sent.
But the mails are not in the mailbox, or in the spams. I asked to some users, and no one has received the mails.
When I use the test sending parameters, the message say the mail is sent.
But nothing in the mailbox???

I use the Newsletters LITE, version 4.6.11

Before Jully, all the mails were sent without any problem.

Any idea??



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    @Stéphane Gaudry

    Please check the following:

    * Is the "From Address" on the same domain as the website? eg.
    * Try to set the "Bounce Receival Email" setting to be the same as the "From Address" setting. The bounce email setting is under Newsletters > Configuration > General > Bounce Settings

    If the above doesn't work, plese check the following:

    * Does the hosting/email server require SMTP authentication? The hosting provider can say if this is needed then SMTP with authentication can be setup under Newsletters > Configuration > General > General Mail Settings

    Let us know if this helps. Thank you.
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