Newsletters stopped working after update

I got the code:

TypeError thrown
Argument 1 passed to Mailgun\Mailgun::__construct() must be an instance of Mailgun\HttpClient\HttpClientConfigurator, string given, called in /home3/terance/public_html/wp-content/plugins/wp-mailinglist/wp-mailinglist-plugin.php on line 9551


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    Tested for conflicts by turning off all other plugins and turning them back on separately. The only difference it made was that with NextGEN Gallery off, hitting send on a test email just caused a spinning arrows to go on forever, while turning it back on brought us back to the error message.

    Signing for newsletters doesn't send an autoresponder. When I sign up, the email I sign up with gets into the subscriber list, but it also keeps spinning after I hit subscribe.
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    To clarify, I got the original error when I tried to send a newsletter and went to the email queue when I saw it wasn't running and hit run. That's when I got the "TypeError thrown" message.
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